Handcrafted shoes,
made in Italia.
An illustrated collage that includes a pair of tassel loafers and an artisan leatherworking.


Velasca Woman

We have so many things to tell you and we’re sure you do, too. Luckily, there’s plenty of time: our products are made to last because they’re handcrafted and made in Italy.

From today we begin a journey together, made up of stories, arts, crafts and tastes, to discover authentic Italy and the continuous search for quality.
Each Velasca is an experience which arrives in your hands directly from those of our artisans.

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An illustrated collage of items including Velasca boots and a shoebox.
An illustrated collage of different Velasca shoe designs next to an artisan leatherworking.


Velasca Woman

Get inspired by your way of life. Whatever your choice, it’ll be the right one.

A close-up of a person wearing jeans, white socks and black Velasca lace-up ankle boots.

Our Boots

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A close-up of a person wearing light blue pants and brown tumbled leather Velasca loafers.

Our Loafers

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A close up of a person wearing jeans and brown greased suede leather Velasca boat shoes.

Our Casual Shoes

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A close up of a person wearing white jeans and brown leather Velasca iconic lace-up shoes.

Our Derbies

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Towards new challenges

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An illustration of a plant and an old record player, showing the Velasca lifestyle.


Velasca Woman

Free shipping and returns. And if you decide to exchange the product, no worries: We know that changes in life aren’t always easy, but with us they are.

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An illustrated woman reading a newspaper wearing a green dress and a pair of derbies.
An illustrated woman sitting next to an old record player, representing the Velasca lifestyle.

Passion in every expression.

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